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Keep Prey Outside


The Pawly Door detects prey and keeps unwanted animals outside. Plus, the Pawly Door can help you to find your cat if it were to go missing.

Your Perfect Cat Flap


The Pawly Door is specifically designed for effortless replacement of standard cat flaps, ensuring a seamless fit. It aligns with the common dimensions found in existing cat flaps on the market.

Installation Made Easy


The Perfect Fit For Any Cat & Any Home

The Pawly Door is suitable for cats up to 7kg and can be installed in windows, doors, walls and even garages.

Powered by a mains adaptor to give peace of mind so that you never have to worry about replacing batteries constantly. For Glass installations in windows and patio doors the adaptor plate is required.

Suitable for certain wall installations – tunnel extensions are in development but will not roll out with the cat flap on launch as far as we are aware. Please contact us if you need a prey detection cat flap for a wall installation and we can advise further.


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.