Choosing the correct doggy door.
November 1, 2020

Choosing the right cat flap for your cat.

If you’re a cat owner, you might be considering getting a cat flap for the convenience of not having to always let your furry feline in and out of the back door. There are a few options you can go for, so keep reading to find out a little more about customisable features and choose the right cat flap for your home.

  1. Choosing the right size for your door 

When deciding to get a cat flap installed, there’s a range of sizes available to suit you and your cat’s needs. Some cat flaps (and dog doors) are made big enough to accommodate dogs, so if you feel your cat flap could also be used by your pooch, opt for a larger size.

  1. Fitting into a UPVC, metal or wooden door?

No matter what material your door is, you can get a cat flap installed! When you choose a specialist company to install your cat flap, you get the benefit of their experience installing into a range of different door materials. Whether you have UPVC panels, a metal or wooden door, you can still get a cat flap.

  1. Concerned about security?

Many people have concerns with fitting a cat flap, and the associated security risks it could bring to their home. We feel that cat flaps are a better option when it comes to security, as many cat owners opt for leaving a window slightly open to allow their pet inside and outside access, which is much more risky. While cat flaps do come with inside and outside locking options as standard, there are options available that have added security functions to counteract any break-ins or other security risks.

  1. Other specialist features

There are a number of other specialist features you can consider for your cat flap. Alongside bog-standard cat flaps, there are some upgrades you can consider if you’re feeling deterred by any horror stories. You can also choose a cat flap with magnet or microchip technology, which means that the flap stays locked unless a familiar face appears, so you won’t get any unwanted visitors picking at your felines leftovers in the evening.

      5. Wrapping up

A cat flap can be a very convenient and important installation to your home. It allows your cat that greater leverage and independence and puts a stop to you having to let them in and out all day long.

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