19 Times Our Pets Poked Us Right in the Heart
August 23, 2020
“Katy Purry” is excited to introduce petWALK to the UK market.
September 16, 2020

Furry Friend or Foe? Our expert fitters come to the rescue!

The one about the neighbourhood tomcat bully!


When our expert fitters arrived at a sweet ladies’ home in Rochdale to fit a flap for her little kitty, one of her requests caught the pair of them off guard!

Your bog-standard pet door fitting would not suit her, for you see her feline friend was in a spot of bother, there was a troublemaker roaming the streets of Rochdale instilling fear into cats and even dogs alike! The local tomcat bully had set its sights and her little kitty and blocked its entrance to the backdoor ☹

That is when our fitters knew they had to get creative! They devised an in-genius solution to bypass the bully and provide the kitty safe passage into her warm cosy home, forget doors this kitty is all about the kitchen window now.

Our customer was extremely relieved that she will not have to worry about her furry friend being tormented when trying to explore anymore. Her cat can live in piece using this sleek, compact and cost effective SureFlap microchip pet door, one of our most popular products on offer.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is compatible with all common microchip types and it has been designed as a drop-in replacement for many standard cat flaps. It is selective entry, while any cat can leave. A four-way manual lock can be used to keep resident pets in or out of the house. Purrfect for keeping your house safe and secure while still giving your kitty all the freedom she enjoys being able to come and go.

When we told “Katy Purry” she was extremely proud of our fitters for going the extra mile and making this cute little kitty feel as comfortable and safe as possible!



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