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April 28, 2020

How to Train your Cat to use a Cat Flaps

Just invested in a cat flaps installation for your beloved moggy? Good move! It’s a great way to give him or her freedom while you’re out at work, shopping and/or visiting friends etc.

Not only does it mean your feline friend isn’t stuck in the house sleeping when they could be out investigating the garden, but it also means they won’t be clawing the fabric of your sofa while you’re not there to chase them! But how do you get them to use this new super new cat flap installation which is going to improve their life and health so much? Well, take a look at our guide right here:

Cat flat training in 4 easy steps

  •  Cat flaps installation. If you’re wondering about the height and placement for your cat flat then measure the distance between your cat’s stomach and the floor. That’s where to install the cat flap on your door. If it’s on a window cat flat installation then measure from the ledge. Making the cat flap as easy to use as possible will result in much more success.
  • Stocking up with treats. Not all cats are equal. Some will take to the cat flap right away, others will avoid it for days. If your cat is in the latter category then you’re going to have to arm yourself with titbits and his or her favourite treats.
  • Novice training. Just like dogs can be taught to jump through a hoop in agility by using treats on the other side, a cat can be shown how to go in and out of a cat flap installation. The treats are different, but the principle is the same… simply prop or tape the cat flap open a little and show a treat at the other end. Your cat will eventually go through the cat flap installation to get the piece of cheese, chicken, tuna reward. Now do the same but from the other side.
  • Advanced training. As your four-legged friend gets used to climbing through the hole you can remove the prop and let them get nip through themselves by pushing the flap, still using the treat as an incentive. Eventually, after a handful of times going in and out, your cat will get the idea and you can remove the treat. Voila!! 

Cat flaps tips and hints

Tip 1. If you have a particularly nervous cat then you can make approaching the cat flap easier for him or her by rubbing their fur with a piece of fabric and then transfer the scent on to the cat flap by rubbing that too. That way you’re making it less of an ‘alien’ object.

Tip 2. We all know what furtive creatures cats can be and, because of this, they won’t like going through the cat flap installation and into an open space. You could place a couple of large plant pots around one metre in front of the cat flap so there’s somewhere for him/her to instantly hide behind and feel more secure when emerging.

Tip 3. The above training tips are for ordinary cat flaps ie those without a microchip. If you buy a micro-chip-enabled cat flap then the flap will automatically lift when your cat goes near it. You’ll still have to train him or her to go through via – yes, you’ve guessed it – their favourite titbit. Extras with a microchip-enabled cat flap include a timer and draught excluder.

Why not take a look at the different types of cat flaps available and save yourself time by getting us to install the cat flap instead? See our website for details.




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