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September 24, 2020
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October 2, 2020

‘Katy Purry’ and her expert fitters help a three-legged friend!


When we got the call from a lovely lady based in Alderley Edge about her three-legged rescue cat being too unstable to make it through the back door, I knew our fitters were the best people for the job.

When they arrived at the property, they were greeted by a fluffy white ball called Snowy who was full of affection if not slightly off balance. After speaking with Snowy’s owner they decided the best course of action was to ditch using the backdoor all together as the stairs leading up were steep and could be the reason for Snowy’s problem.

In the end our fitters went the extra mile and built the cat flap into the wall of the house itself at no extra cost!

I am elated we have given another pet the freedom they deserve – ‘Katy Purry’

Check out some pictures below of our expert workmanship and one cute little kitty!

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