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September 15, 2020
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September 18, 2020

“Katy Purry” is excited to introduce petWALK to the UK market.

petWALK & Pet Flaps UK Partnership

Katy Purry here, I recently found a product which is perfect for a stylish cat like me. So that more and more cats, dogs and their owners can enjoy a new lifestyle, we partnered with petWALK and are their new official partner for pet flaps installations.

petWALK are a premium pet door company based in Austria that specialise in innovate
technologically advanced products bringing the pet door industry into the 21st century. petWALK’s
pet doors are the world’s only fully-fledged entrance doors for dogs and cats.

Due to their innovate nature it is only fitting that they have chosen us to be their representative and
main installers throughout the UK, we are always pushing the boundaries within the Pet Flap
industry and with petWALK’s sleek, interactive products we will be doing just that.

With a 2-year guarantee and a specially designed App you can feel safe and secure in knowing you
have protection and can protect your pets, being able to check on them at any point.
Not only do petWALK’s products feature an App but they are also tamper-proof, fully automatic, and highly customisable being able to link it to other devices such as Alexa.

This is just the start of a long journey between our two companies and we hope you are excited as we are and will join us for the ride.

As ‘Katy Purry’ always says “It’s a Purrfect match”




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