We can’t say these are the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of pet doors because these are made in Austria to ‘German quality build standards’. petWALK really are the pinnacle of engineering and design (with prices to match!) Huge range of colours, designs, special finishes etc. or design your own!

Excellent website with good videos. We are proud to have been appointed as UK installer. If this is your choice then the procedure is that you purchase direct from them and they arrange for us to install.

Our recommended range of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors can be installed in windows, double-glazing, wooden doors and walls.

There are lots of different manufacturers of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors, manufactured in locations as diverse as the UK, Austria, the USA & Canada, New Zealand and Belgium & Holland.

We are willing to install any make of your preference but we have compiled a selection of six different recommended manufacturers – their product ranges should cater for all manner of tastes and budgets, from simple designs to technological marvels!

To find out more about our range of high quality cat flaps, or for your free, no-obligation installation quote, please get in touch.

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