‘Katy Purry’ and her expert fitters help a three-legged friend!
September 24, 2020
October 14, 2020

The Winner of the Cutest Pet Pic Competition is……

A huge thank you to those that got involved in our cutest pet pic competition, everyone in our office loved scrolling through the entries and we have thoroughly enjoyed the warm response we have received on social media. You can find the results of our winner and runner up, as well as a special thanks and shout out to all the kitties and pooches that helped us along the way!

The winner will receive a treat and a personalised card to let them know their pet in the prettiest.


Our runner up will receive a personalised card and a huge thank you as this competition really was neck and neck.


Drum roll……

And our winter is










These adorable kittens were the cutest of the bunch, with their soft pudding like faces and memorable markings, Katy Purry was obsessed! We will be in contact with the owner of these supermodel kitties to deliver some treats.


Our runner up is….


Bean had our hearts melting and our mouths hurting from laughing, she is a one-of-a-kind kitty who finds herself in all sorts of precarious poses for her pics, we loved every minute watching bean. A very well-deserved runner up!


A huge special thankyou to all the pet accounts that we collaborated with on this and helped make our competition a huge success.


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