October 14, 2020
Benefits of an Electronic Pet Door!
November 1, 2020

Thieves Beware! Our top 5 tips for protecting your Pet Door

How to Protect Your Home from Pet Door Invaders

Many pet owners worry over the safety of their pet door, and while they are not usually the weakest point of entry in a home, security should still be a consideration if you have a large pet door. We get the question all the time; are doggy doors safe? It is important to keep in mind, your dog may not be the only thing trying to come in and out of it, and an extra big size can allow larger things to enter.

While we offer a wide range of secure and burglar proof pet doors,  from petWalk, Sureflap and Rock Doors, among others. It is important to make sure you are as safe and secure as possible. Scroll down to see our top 5 tips for keeping your pet door secure.

5 Tips for a Burglar Proof cat flap and pet door

  1. Use a ‘Beware of dog’ sign

Straight away this lets intruders know there is a dog occupying the property and they might think twice before messing with your home if they believe there is a ferocious pooch living inside.

  1. Use a discreet location

Place your pet door in a discreet location, our expert fitters are well prepared to fit pet doors in windows, doors, and brick so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have expert craftsmanship fitting into any weird and wonderful place you can think of.

  1. Electronic pet door

Use an electronic dog door that only operates for pets via collar keys or other individually identifiable methods like RFID chips. Another great option is a microchip pet door. With advanced pet door technology that can make you and your pet’s life a lot simpler. These doors work via a radio frequency that communicates with a special tab placed on your pet’s collar or their implanted microchip, making your door completely secure. We offer a wide range of electronic and microchip pet doors from the likes of Sureflap and petWalk.

  1. Use a pet door lock

The majority of pet doors come with lightweight but hard plastic locking covers. If you prefer something a bit heavier duty, there are several options that are designed to enhance your pet door.

  1. Use a sensible sized door

For burglars, the bigger the pet door, the better, and often owners will buy inappropriately sized doors. Make sure you get the dimensions of dog or cat inline with the dimensions of the door as to not invite unwanted attention.

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