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High Tech Pet

High Tech Pet offer ‘The Most Ingenious Pet Products on the Planet!’ Pet Flaps UK can offer their range of Electronic Power Pet doors which are automatically opening collar activated pet doors and also their energy efficient, flexible and highly secure Armor Flex aluminium pet flaps.

Tell us today about what you need and we can help you find a pet door to suit your requirements.

Installation Made Easy

A Wide Range of Pet Doors

High Tech Pet offers a variety of pet doors featuring automatic electronic Power Pet doors (available with and without Wi-Fi/App technology) and also the incredibly safe and secure flexible Armorflex pet doors for your dog or cat. These pet flaps can be installed into most doors and walls with the right accessories.

Here at PetFlaps UK, we can proudly offer a World’s First by offering glass installations for the Power Pet Doors as we have patented the glass adaptor to allow these automatic pet doors to be installed into a static pane of glass – nowhere else in the World can offer this – not even the manufacturer!

Pet Flaps UK are proud to be the exclusive UK and European Agents for High Tech Pet, The World’s first Fully Automatic Pet Doors. Suitable for all sizes and breeds the High Tech Pet range includes the world beating Wi-Fi and App controlled Power Pet Doors. Call us today for more info and to arrange your personal import from the USA.

Smart Pet Door Solutions

High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors

High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors are electronically operated with a unique portcullis-style opening. These doors are great for pets who don’t like to push through pet flaps or are getting older. Access is controlled using collar tag (RFID transmitter) technology with a comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable collar that is small enough that a cat can wear without issues.

The door has sensors to ensure that the door closes after your pet has entered/exited but never risks their safety.

Safe, wind and weather-proof

These fully automatic Pet Doors prevent any unwanted animals from entering your home as they only open with a collar, there is an automatic dead bolt locking feature which adds some extra security you can’t find elsewhere, and an airtight sealing system making it fully wind and weather-proof.

Durable and Secure Pet Access

Heavy Duty Armor Flex Pet Doors

The Armor Flex Pet Door has an airtight flap, locking security panel and heavy duty aluminium frame providing the highest level of weather resistance. This pet flap has an easy installation and offers the best energy efficiency. The doors are finished with an industrial powder coat that will keep it looking good and working for years.

About High Tech Pet

High Tech Pet are dedicated to providing pet owners with the best solutions for pet doors. They offer a wide variety of dog doors and cat flaps which feature automatic electronic pet doors, and flexible secure pet doors. Their products are designed to make life easier for both pets and their owners, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. From simple flap doors to high-tech automated systems, they have everything you need to give your furry friend the freedom they deserve. Trust High Tech Pet for all your pet door needs.

Our team of experts at Pet Flaps UK is always available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and support, ensuring that you have a positive experience from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about how High Tech Pet can help you and your pet.


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