About Us

What’s our story?

Pet Flaps UK began during the pandemic when owner and director John Carolan was looking at the possibility of having a dog door installed for his dog Lola. Like lots of pet owners, his dog was great companionship during the hard times of lockdown and excellent motivation to go out for walks!

Searching for a local tradesperson to assist he was unable to find any reputable company that could help in his hometown. The more he looked, the more it became apparent that there was a distinct lack of professional companies offering this service.

Lola, being far too boisterous for the simple budget flaps, led John to realise that not only was there an opportunity for a professional installations business but for much better quality pet flaps than the decades old designs that people associate with the plastic flap rattling in the bottom of the kitchen door.

Although he had no knowledge of cat flap and dog door installations, with four decades of business experience under his belt John was able to quickly establish rapport with recognised manufacturers and soon had a sound business plan. Two skilled installers were taken on and very quickly the work started coming in.

Tomsgate cat flap

Deals were done and 3 major international manufacturers – keen to take market share in the UK – were soon eager for Pet Flaps UK to be their agent.

Before long, the phones were constantly ringing and there was more work than one man could manage in the office! Now the business provides employment for a team of over a dozen admin staff and installers. From the germ of an idea conceived in the worst of the Covid lockdown Pet Flaps UK now covers much the UK for all types of glass installations and the installation team installs into doors and walls in and around the major cities.

A real success story in these challenging social and economic times.

Our Brands

dog flaps in uk

We have installed over


Cat Flaps and Dog Doors all over the UK from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland to Truro in Cornwall in our first two years.

Our Installations

We install cat flaps and dog doors across the UK, from all the way down in London to the Central Belt of Scotland into a range of materials including:

Pet Flaps UK Van

To find out more about our range of high quality cat flaps, or for your free, no-obligation installation quote, please get in touch.