High Quality Pet Doors

Pet Flaps UK are proud to announce that we are the official distributors and agents for Pet-Tek.

This international business’s range provides high quality, long-lasting pet doors. These Pet Doors are available for all door types, including glass, wood, composite, uPVC, and metal, and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Pet-Tek offer the only clear-framed pet doors in the UK, offering a clear, minimal, all-glass look for your beautiful bi-fold, sliding, patio or glass doors.

These doors are of the highest calibre and do not have any of the typical pet door problems, such as broken flaps, rusted screws, or locking dials.

Available for both Cats and Dogs!

Pet-Tek Logo
Pet-Tek Cat Flaps and Dog Doors
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate

  • Self-Closing Flaps with Magnetic Location

  • UV Stabilised

  • Draught Reducing and Quiet

Glass Doors, Single & Double-Glazing

The Catwalk® for Small Cats and Large Dogs

Catwalk® Glass Fitting Maxi Dual Glaze pet doors are suitable for single and double glazed glass panels from (3mm – 28mm) in thickness. An additional security pin is incorporated into the four-way locking mechanism, which is made from virtually indestructible polycarbonate. Available in Clear, Black, and White.

The Catwalk Pet Door by Pet-Tek

The Dogwalk® for Medium to Semi-Large Dogs

Dogwalk® Glass Fitting Dog Doors are made of 100% high quality, high impact Polycarbonate (PC). This product is designed to fit single-glazed windows, double-glazed windows, and sliding doors. By allowing the flap to swing higher, it reduces the problem of broken flaps associated with other brands of dog doors.

Dogwalk Dog Door by Pet-Tek

Wood, uPVC & Composite Doors

Catwalk® Wood Fitting Tunnel Cat Door

Catwalk® Cat Doors fit all thin panels of composite, wood, metal and uPVC construction. Due to its low profile, it fits all panels from 11mm to 50mm. It has a weather seal flap to reduce draughts and is easy to install. Available in White and Brown.

Ideal for Small / medium cats such as: Minskin, Singapura, Munchkin, Cornish Rex, Bambino, Abyssinian, American Curl, LaPerm, and Burmese

Catwalk Cat Flap for Wood, uPVC and Composite Doors

Dogwalk® Tunnel Dog Door for Small Dogs

Designed to fit doors made from composite, wood, metal and uPVC, this attractive dog door will fit doors from 5mm to 40mm thick. It fits all doors and panels of thicknesses from (11mm – 52mm) due to its tunnel profile. Available in White and Brown.

Ideal for Small Dogs such as: Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pug, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Papillion, Maltese, Bichon Frise, and Beagle

Dogwalk Tunnel Dog Flap for Small Dogs

Our recommended range of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors can be installed in glass, uPVC, Composite, and wooden doors.

The Pet-Tek door line was created with an emphasis on both quality and simplicity of installation. Among the characteristics of our products are:

• Polycarbonate, which is highly unbreakable, is used to construct all flaps

.• A generously sized flap that is larger to accommodate larger pets.

• Use a brush to clean weather seals so that the activity is silent and draught-free.

• Magnetized flaps that automatically close

• All wood fitting models don’t require tunnels to be carved.

• UV stabilisation

• The 13 product line includes a full range of wood fitting and glass fitting styles.

Additionally, Pet-Tek products are environmentally friendly. 95 percent (95%) of the parts that make up our product line are made from recyclable materials.