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SureFlap Pet Door for Glass

petWALK now stocked by Pet Flaps UK!

petWALK & Pet Flaps UK Partnership Katy Purry here, I recently found a product which is perfect for a stylish cat like me. So that more

Wooden cat flaps and dog doors

We Now Stock Tomsgates!

We are officially the UK representative’s for TomsGates sustainable, sleek, and durable pet doors. With their expert design TomsGates pet doors are like no other blending

Cat Flaps

Top 5 tips for protecting your Pet Door

Many pet owners worry over the safety of their pet door, and while they are not usually the weakest point of entry in a home, security

Dog Doors

Choosing the correct doggy door

Dogs benefit from being outdoors a great deal. Not only is the exercise and fresh air good for them, outdoor environments also provide mental stimulation. Having

Cat Advice

Is it compulsory to microchip your cat?

Do Cats Legally Have to be Microchipped in the UK? At this time, it is not mandatory in the UK to have one’s cat microchipped. However,

Cat Flaps

How to Train your Cat to use a Cat Flap

Training Your Feline Friend to Use Cat Flaps Pet Flaps UK provides cat flap installation services to residents throughout the United Kingdom. How to train your

Cat Flaps

8 Top Benefits of a Microchip Cat Flap

Having a cat flap installed in your home allows your cat the freedom to come and go at will. This is beneficial to the owner, because