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Where Do We Do Installations?

We regularly install Cat Flaps, Pet Flaps and Dog Doors into windows, all types of patio doors, cavity and solid walls and most other kinds of doors (uPVC, Wooden and Composite) all over the UK.

We have a network of glazing specialists who can cover the length and breadth of England, Scotland, Wales and even Northern Ireland.

We also offer installations into the more complex places such as fire doors, metal clad doors, caravans, boats and Rockdoor composite doors.

We enjoy a challenge too! We have managed to install into places that other installers have refused. Finding ways around previously once considered a no go is a speciality!

Pet Flap installations aren’t limited to just cats and dogs – we have done installations for Rabbits, Squirrels, and Guinea Pigs too! If you have a pet that needs access outside via a flap – we can help!

We will advise the best course of action for your installation, propose alternatives and if we can’t achieve it—it’s probably not possible!

Some of our areas include: London, Manchester, The Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Birmingham.

What Are uPVC Door Panels?

uPVC door panels are a type of door panel made from uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This type of material is often used in the construction of windows and doors because it is durable and low maintenance. uPVC door panels are an ideal option for pet owners because they are easy to clean and maintain.


uPVC door panels are ideal for glass doors which are narrower than 360 mm. A short uPVC panel is installed in the door to provide the proper support for the dog or cat door. With the extra support of a uPVC panel, we can actually install a cat or dog door into a space as narrow as 21.5 cm.

Cat flap installation

The Benefits of a Pet Flap in a uPVC Door Panel


There are many benefits to installing a pet flap in your uPVC door panel. First and foremost, it provides a safe and convenient way for your pet to enter and exit your home. No more worrying about them getting out when you forget to close the door!


Another great benefit of installing a pet flap in your uPVC door panel is that it can help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By sealing up the space around your door, you can prevent drafts from coming in and heat or air conditioning from escaping. This can help to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable year-round.

No remodelling

Using a uPVC door panel allows you to install a cat or dog door without having to put a hole in your door or wall. This can be a great option if you’re renting your home or don’t want to permanently alter the structure of your door.

Prevents other animals from entering

A microchip activated pet flap in your uPVC door panel will only allow animals that have the proper identification tag to enter. This helps to keep out stray animals, pests, and other critters that you may not want in your home.

Cat flaps and dog doors we recommend for uPVC

All thin panels of wood, metal, composite, and PVC construction are designed to fit this beautiful Catwalk® Wood Fitting Cat Door. Due to its low profile tunnel it will fit all panels from 11mm -30mm.

This pet door is designed for small dogs and larger cats and ideal for uPVC Doors. This is the only manufacturer to have a microchipped flap that can be used by small dogs. Instead of utilising a physical lock, this pet door features a timer function that you may set for curfews.

This stylish Dogwalk Dog Door has been built to accommodate all thin composite, wood, metal, and uPVC panels. Its tunnel design allows it to accommodate all doors and panels between 11 and 30 millimetres.

Pet Doors We Recommend For UPVC Doors And Panels

Great for medium dogs
Extreme Weather Pet Door
Great for large dogs
Tomsgates Bouncer - Large Dog Door


Thermally Efficient
Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™
Cost Effective
Closer Pets
Dog Mate Medium Dog Door – White (215W)
Great for Larger Cats
Microchip Pet Door Brown(215W)

How we work

At Pet Flaps UK, our installation experts can complete installation of dog doors or cat flaps in almost any part of your home, even in aluminium or metal. Many other companies refuse to install these doors because of the difficulty and precision it takes, but our experts are specifically trained to make this process simple and safe.

Get in touch

There’s no need to wait for an in-person consultation. You can get an online recommendation from one of our experts with some simple measurements and photos. From your answers and submissions, we’ll provide a list of our top recommendations for the best cat flap or dog door for your pet.


Installation of Pet Flap

Your chosen pet flap may be sent directly to you (along with any required accessories or new panels) in preparation for the installation or the installer may bring it with them (we will advise which is applicable to your installation).

When you have received your pet flap (or the installer receives it) our installer will make an appointment to come to your home to install it.

They will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure it works correctly and that you and your pet are satisfied with our work (and also tidy up after themselves).


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.