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Microchip Cat Flaps

Microchip Cat Flap: The Best Choice for You and Your Cat

Whether you’re thinking about getting a cat flap for your home or you want to replace your existing one, there are a lot of reasons to make that upgrade with a microchip cat flap. Microchip cat flaps not only keep your cat safe and content but can also ensure the safety, security and happiness in your home.

What Are Microchip Cat Flaps?

Microchip cat flaps are cat flaps that selectively let your cats – and only your cats – into your home by reading their microchip. (If you haven’t microchipped your cat, we highly recommend you do so for their safety and your peace of mind.) The Law changed recently (and will be enforced from June 2024) so if your cat goes outside (or reaches 20 weeks old), by law, they now need to be microchipped – failure to do so can lead to a £500 fine!

Secure Your Home

Conventional cat flaps might let your cat in and out, but what about other cats? Allowing the orange cat two houses over into your house to harass your cat, eat their food, mark your house as their territory, and scratch up your sofa isn’t exactly ideal, after all. Not only does this cause chaos, it also isn’t a pleasant place for your cat to feel safe.

Microchip cat flaps, however, are specifically calibrated to lock and unlock the flap based on the presence of your cat’s microchip. Other cats and animals are locked out by default, which gives you peace of mind.

Additionally, you may have concerns about human home intruders attempting to access a home via a conventional cat flap, especially if that cat flap is mounted in a window or somewhere above-ground near a catio or other structure. With a microchip cat flap, you have nothing to worry about.

Installing a Microchip Cat Flap

Installing a microchip cat flap couldn’t be easier. Our extensive experience in supplying and installing microchip cat flaps in a wide range of properties – and in a wide range of places! – helps us give your pets the freedom to come in and out of your home whenever they please. Thanks to our years of experience installing microchip cat flaps, we’ve also been able to design a series of microchip cat flaps that ensure convenience and comfort for your furry friends and safety and security for you.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a suitable cat flap for your pet, including the style and size of cat flap. The right cat flap for your property will also depend on where you are planning to install it, but regardless of any of these factors, all of our microchip cat flaps come complete with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Get in touch

There’s no need to wait for an in-person consultation. You can get an online recommendation from one of our experts with some simple measurements and photos. From your answers and submissions, we’ll provide a list of our top recommendations for the best cat flap or dog door for your pet.

Initial Site Visit & Evaluation

In our initial evaluation, we will visit your home and take the final measurements so the unit will be manufactured to be the perfect fit. We may also take photos for reference.

Installation of Cat Flap

When your cat flap is ready, our experts will make an appointment to come back to your home to install it. We will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure it works correctly and that you and your cat are satisfied with our work.

How to choose a cat flap

There are lots of different manufacturers of cat flaps and pet doors, manufactured in locations as diverse as the UK, Austria, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, and Holland. When we source from these locations, we prioritize quality, integrity, and materials over all – and we bring those values to our customers as well.

We can install any make of your preference, but we have compiled a selection of six different recommended manufacturers – their product ranges should cater to all manner of tastes and budgets, from simple designs to technological marvels! Many of the images shown on this page feature the Sureflap and Closer Pets brands and their ranges of cat flaps and pet doors.

What are the best Microchip Cat Flaps?

Our range of microchip cat flaps offer a convenient way to control the movements of your pet. But that’s not all – this type of cat flap is also a great way to keep any unwanted visitors out of your home, as only your cat will be able to access the microchip cat flap.

Suitable for use with all common microchips, a microchip cat flap can be installed in glass, windows, walls, and doors, and is ideal for keeping unwanted animals out of your home.

The SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub is one of the most advanced cat flaps on the market and boasts an integrated draft excluder, timer control, and Wi-Fi technology so you can control the cat flap remotely via an app on your phone and activiate the electronic override lock when you do not want the cat to use the cat flap. This cat flap also comes complete with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We also offer the OnlyCat microchip cat flap, a state-of-the-art prey detection microchip cat flap with an artificial intelligence-powered camera to auto-lock the cat flap to ensure the cat cannot enter whilst carrying anything and no other animals are able to get into your home.


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.