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We can help you find the perfect Pet Flap for your requirements and budget. It’s up to you whether you choose to supply the pet flap for your installation or whether you want us to supply it -we’re happy to do either. Just rest assured that we will provide a professional installation either way!

If you decide to buy a Cat Flap or Dog Door for us to install (usually directly from the manufacturer) you can pick one up for a few pounds – however, we recommend that you choose one with good reviews. This is why our range of Pet Flap vary in price from just under £20 to Our premium Pet Flap range which start at a few Hundred pounds.

We’ll be able to give you a free no obligation quotation when we know more about your preferences and where you need the installation. Our quotes are bespoke to your individual requirements.

Although a cat flap is not an essential requirement for a cat owner, it offers a whole host of benefits, providing comfort and convenience for your cat, whilst allowing you to control your cat’s movements.

A Cat Flap or Dog Door also means your pet can go in and out of your property quickly and safely, without you having to worry about letting them in and out.

We supply an extensive range of affordable and high quality Cat Flaps and Dog Doors. Our range includes Microchip Cat Flaps and Microchip Pet Doors, 4-Way (push style) Cat Flaps and Dog Doors, and also Collar Tag Pet Flaps.

The type of Pet Flap that is right for you will depend on your pet’s needs and, of course, your property requirements.

There are lots of advantages to having a pet flap installed this includes giving your pet 24/7 access to the outside world so you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant toiletting accidents when you get home.

Having a Pet Flap also promotes good health by ensuring that your pets get the exercise they need which is also great for their mental health.

Some models of Pet Flaps are equipped with the latest technology, meaning you can control your pet’s movements at all times using an app on your phone.

We even have Cat Flaps that can prevent your cat from bringing in Prey – meaning those little furry gifts are left outside! These Cat Flaps are called OnlyCat and Pawly – please see these Brand Pages for further details.

We can assist with installing a pet flap in a wide range places including :- Patio Doors, Windows, Walls, and doors including uPVC Door Panels, Fire Doors, Wooden Doors, Aluminium Doors, Metal Skinned Doors and Composite Doors.

We offer a professional Pet Flap installation service with all of our Pet Flaps.

With the range of flaps on the market some are more secure than others.

All the Pet Flaps we offer can be locked – either manually or remotely so you do not need to worry about being able to lock your pet flap.

Please do consider whether having a visible Pet Door in your home might compromise your home security—especially if you have a big softie of a dog and need a large Dog Door.

When you are deciding where to install a large Dog Door, please bear in mind whether your dog would be a good enough deterrent if a burglar decided to chance it. Burglars can climb through large Dog Doors, so we recommend that you take special care to secure any internal security panel supplied at night or when going out or use the manual locks to secure the safety of your home. 

We have a range of high security Dog Doors available from Hi-Tech Pet and PlexiDor to give you peace of mind with your Dog Door installation

There’s no getting around the fact that we have to cut a hole in your door to fit the pet flap unless you can have the panel replaced. If you know that you will need to be able put door back to pre-pet flap installation in the future, we recommend that you consider an installation in a window or glass door if the panel in your door cannot be swapped.

Our Installers are experts who make sure to install the pet flap in the least intrusive way, with a perfect fit every time maintaining the integrity of your door.

Yes – we have a Fire Flap unit which will help maintain the Fire Protection rating of your fire door.

We pre-construct the Fire Flap (that meets the safety guidelines for a fire door) and pre-install a slim 4-way pet flap which we then install into your fire door for you. We have 2 sizes available – Cat Size and LargeCat/Small Dog size.

Call us or get in touch for a free quote if you need a Pet Flap installed in your Fire Door.

We can install cat flaps and dog doors that have a tunnel system in even the deepest of walls. Tomsgates are perfect for this as they can come with a tunnel that spans upto 55cm depth!

Take some photos of the proposed installation area (both inside and outside) and let us know your requirements when you get in touch. We can advise further and help you to have the best product for your requirements installed.

All the Pet flaps that we offer can be locked at any point to suit your needs.

This may be by turning a dial, flipping a lever or securing a locking plate in place if they are manually locked.

If you choose a Pet Flap with a timer or Wi-Fi technology you can set the times that your pet can use the pet flap when you set it up. Therefore, by doing this, you are controlling the locking of your pet flap without the need for you to be there to do it.