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A pet flap is an excellent solution to allow your pet the freedom to stroll in and out as they please, freeing up your time spent holding the door open as they handle their call to nature. Cat flaps and dog doors can be installed into various fixtures, but specific installations, such as into single glazing, require professional skill to preserve the integrity of your door.

What Are Single Glazing Doors?

Single doors with glass panels, also known as single glazing, are often used as secondary doors that lead outside from the kitchen or utility area. These doors are made with a singular pane of glass between 3mm to 10mm in size. It is common for single glazing to be detailed with patterned or obscured glass.

When we install into these kinds of doors, rather than using another pane of single glazing, we often use a glass effect susbstitue which mimics glass. This is up to 10 times stronger than a single sheet of glass, making the new installation safer and stronger for your household.

Cat flap for single glazing

What Can I Do When I Move?

When you have a glass replacement, we encourage homeowners to keep the original panel. That way, you can switch your glass panels and bring your pet flap with you when you relocate. Pet Flaps UK can assist you in the process of changing your glass panels when it comes time to move.

Our cat flaps and dog doors offer a convenient solution for your pet’s energy release without worrying about a strange animal entering through your pet’s door, as a lot of our range of pet flaps are equipped with microchip technology. Gone are the days of catering to your pet’s calls to roam outside, as they can easily show themselves out as and when needed with a pet flap installed directly into your glass door.

Pet Doors We Recommend For Single Glazing

Glass Fitting cat flap
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SureFlap microchup cat flap connect with hub


Budget Friendly

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Cost Effective
Pet Tek Maxi Dual Glaze Cat Flap and Dog Door for Glass Doors

Maxi Dual Glaze

How we work

When it comes to installing pet flaps in glass, we use a very special process that ensures high-quality results every time. There are four steps involved in that process that span from the initial on-site assessment to the first time your furry family member walks through their new pet flap. These steps include:

Get in touch

We can provide a no-obligation free quotation after you provide us with a few simple measurements and a couple of photos. We’ll advise you of our recommendations for the best pet flap for your glass window or door. We offer both 4-way pet flaps and specialty pet flaps, and you can choose what works for your budget and needs.

Initial Site Visit & Evaluation

A site survey will be arranged following a deposit payment (or when a successful finance agreement is in place) as part of our order process. We will arrange for one of our team to visit your home and take the final measurements so the replacement glass unit will be manufactured to be the perfect fit. We may also take photos for reference.


Manufacturing New Glass Panel

We will manaufacture a new pane of glass that perfectly fits your door’s specifications, including where the pet flap will go.

During this process we temper the glass making it four to five times more durable than untempered glass. This tempering process is performed twice on double-glazed glass.


Replace Your Door’s Glass

We will return to your home to replace your current single glazing with your new glass panel. Our professionals take pride in the ability to duplicate your original door with the addition of a space designated for your cat flap.


Installation of the Pet Flap

With the new panel of glass placed, we can install the pet flap to allow your pet to come and go anytime.

We will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure it works correctly and that you and your pet are satisfied with our work.


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.