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Microchip and Collar Tag Dog Doors

Why aren’t there many Microchipped Dog Doors?

The majority of Dog Doors are push style — this is because dogs love to run towards Dog Doors, rather than saunter up to it. Microchipped flaps don’t have enough chance to read the dogs microchip at speed and unlock in time. We know there are breeds with short snouts — but you don’t want it even shorter if they collide with their flap!

Most manufacturers of Dog Doors have chosen to only make doors that are push style.

Microchips often migrate in dogs too — this is also a reason for choosing a pet flap that doesn’t rely on using the vet implanted microchip to give your dog access to their dog door.

Dog breeds come in a vast range of sizes — so what may be one breeds shoulder height may only be the elbow height of a different breed. This poses a design nightmare as to where to locate a microchip reader!

Taking all these reasons into account is why there are more push style dog doors than there are microchipped ones availa- ble.

I want to stop unwanted animal visitors — How can I do that?

Fortunately, pet flap manufacturers do realise that even dog own- ers need to stop unwanted animal visitors sometimes! To prevent unwanted animals from using the pet flap, you can use a pet flap which has collar tag recognition.

These collar tags emit a stronger signal than a vet implanted microchip and this allows the pet flap to unlock quicker. There- fore making it less likely that your pet reaches the pet flap before it has unlocked. The pet flap is programmed to recognise the unique serial number inside the tag so this is how the pet flap recognises when to unlock for an approaching animal and when to stay locked.

Multiple pets can be registered to the same pet flap/dog door so you don’t need to worry if you have a large number of furry family members! Each pet that uses the flap will need to be registered with their own tag. There are some flaps can use both tag and microchip technology so cats can use the same flap as a larger dog. We’ve not yet met anyone who has too many animals for one pet flap to cope with.

Dogs very often wear collars with their identity tag on in case they get lost, which means a collar tag is very easy to add to their collar.

Dog Doors with Wi-Fi Technology

Lets face it Man’s Best Friend (or Woman’s) is smart and a creature of habit. Dogs thrive on routine and who can blame them?

Having a Dog Door that you can control via an App of your phone where you can set individual permission and curfew and also remotely override the locking function means that you are less likely to come home to find a messy toilet accident on your return.

You can receive notifications to alert you when your dog uses the pet flap so you know at all times whether they are inside or outside.

If you have a secure garden or area that you would like your dog to be able to use having a Dog Door installed will make your life that little bit easier. No longer will you have to get up to let the dog out and then back in again less than 5 minutes later when they realise that it’s rain- ing!

Dogs thrive in fresh air, relish being able to sunbathe and enjoy soak- ing in the atmosphere in their own outdoor space.

Electronic Automatic Dog Doors

Our recommended Electronic Dog Doors are from High Tech Pet.

The Power Pet range of Pet Doors are suitable for cats and dogs up to 45kg (100lbs). They automatically opens upwards (like a castle portcullis) as the pet approaches to allow them to walk through easily.

These pet flaps are great for pets that do not like the feel of pushing a flap to open it, have mobility issues or a nervous disposition. The virtually silent opening means that there are no loud audible sounds to frighten your pet.

Activated by a transmitter on the collar of your pet, these intel- ligent pet flaps only open if the transmitter is actively moving. This means that if your dog decides to take a nap next to the dog door, you won’t find it continually opening and closing. Safety mechanisms and sensors within the pet flap mean that it will never close whilst your pet is using the pet flap.

The collar transmitter is small enough that it can be worn by a cat easily without issues.

We can install these pet flaps into most doors and through walls when the wall accessories are used.

Pet Flaps UK are proud to be the ONLY company in the world to offer glass installations with these pet doors as we have patent- ed a glass adaptor to help facilitate the installation into glass.

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Whether you’ve always loved the idea of installing a Dog Door or are just now thinking about adding that extra level of convenience for your furry friend, a 4-way dog door is the perfect blend of convenience and enrichment for you and your dog.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they can come and go as they please, and your dog will benefit from being able to go outside regularly—reducing the chances of accidents inside if they can go out freely to use the toilet.

Obviously, this isn’t suitable for all dogs—especially those prone to escaping from your garden or those who love being noisy by barking at the neighbours.