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Cat Flap and Dog Door Installations into French Doors

Pet Flaps UK offer a variety of cat and dog door flap installations.

One of the services we provide is the installation of a cat flap or dog door in your French doors. This is a special service, and you can expect high quality.

We install pet flaps to last. Give your pet the freedom they covet! With Pet Flaps UK, you can remove yourself from your pet’s constant existential angst over whether inside or outside is the best choice for any given moment.

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Cat Flap in a French Door

Can a Cat Flap or Dog Door Be Installed in a French Door?

Are you the proud owner of both a set of beautiful French doors and also a pet who needs access to both sides of that door? You are in the right place! Pet Flaps UK is here to assist with your pet flap installation in your French doors. Depending on what kind of French door you have, we have just the pet flap for you.

If you have Georgian style French doors, we can replace one or more pieces of glass so that we can customize a new pane of glass for the pet flap to fit inside. If you have just one solid piece of glass in your French doors a whole new piece of glass would need to be manufactured – this would be so that new glass has the appropriate sized hole for your new pet flap.

When you do business with Pet Flaps UK, you can rest assured you are getting top quality of material and installation. Our team of professional installers will fit your door flap and ensure it is installed to last.

Important Information To Remember Before Installation

  • Measure your pet to ensure the new pet flap will be the correct size for them. If you aren’t sure if the pet flap you have chosen is the right size, make a cardboard template of the flap and see how easily your pet can get through. If they struggle, then you should consider a larger size.
  • If your door has individual panes, will your pet door need to take up the space of more than one pane of glass? At Pet Flaps UK we are eager to get you the best pet flap for your requirements, so do let us know what your ideal pet flap would be like and your preferred functions so that we can advise on the closest match. Some customers choose to have the pet flap installed so that the upright support is cut out between panes to accommodate the pet flap in new glass in the French doors to replace where two individual panes once was.
  • Do you need a ramp or step for your pet to easily pass through the flap? This can be a good option if the flap is installed at a greater height.
Cat Flap for Glass

Pet Doors We Recommend For French Doors

Great for medium dogs
AI Technology
Prey Detection Cat Flap
Great For Larger Cats
Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub
AI Technology
Prey Detection Cat Flap
Cost Effective
Closer Pets
Cat Mate Glass Fitting Cat Flap – White (210W)

How we work

At Pet Flaps UK, our installation experts can complete installation of dog doors or cat flaps in almost any part of your home, even in aluminium or metal. Many other companies refuse to install these doors because of the difficulty and precision it takes, but our experts are specifically trained to make this process simple and safe.

Get in touch

We can provide a no-obligation free quotation after you provide us with a few simple measurements and a couple of photos. We’ll advise you of our recommendations for the best pet flap for your glass window or door. We offer both 4-way pet flaps and specialty pet flaps, and you can choose what works for your budget and needs.

Initial Site Visit & Evaluation

A site survey will be arranged following a deposit payment (or when a successful finance agreement is in place) as part of our order process. We will arrange for one of our team to visit your home and take the final measurements so the replacement glass unit will be manufactured to be the perfect fit. We may also take photos for reference.


Installation of Pet Flap

When your new glass is ready, our experts will make an appointment to come back to your home to install it. We will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure it works correctly and that you and your pet are satisfied with our work. Your chosen pet flap may be sent directly to you in preparation for the installation or the installer may bring it with them (we will advise which is applicable to your installation).


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.