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At Pet Flaps UK, we offer a variety of cat flaps and dog doors from speciality companies such as Tomsgate and High Tech Pet, to standard pet doors like microchip cat flaps, all of which we install for you into a range of complex doors, walls and conservatories so you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of the hard part.

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SureFlap Microchip Cat Flaps & Dog Doors

Pet Flaps UK installs SureFlap cat flaps, pet flaps, and dog doors throughout the United Kingdom. SureFlap is a premier provider of pet doors, offering quality products with a wide array of notable features. Pet Flaps UK can install SureFlap’s cat flaps, pet flaps, and dog doors into doors, walls, or glass. The team at Pet Flaps UK has years of experience installing pet flaps and would love to install yours next! Contact Pet Flaps UK today for more information and a free installation quote!

SureFlap microchip cat flap

Microchip Cat Flaps

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is a drop-in replacement for an existing cat flap. Available in two colours, this cat flap can be installed into doors, walls, or glass. The Microchip Cat Flap works quietly to give only your cat exclusive access to your home. All common microchips are compatible with this cat flap. Features include:

  • Selective Entry – The chip reader is located on the outside of the cat flap so any animal can exit, but only your cat can enter.
  • 12-Month Battery Life – 4 AA batteries power the cat flap with up to 12 months of battery life. The low battery light will flash when power is running low.
  • 32 Pet Identities – The microchip pet flap has a memory that can store up to 32 pet identities and recognizes all registered cats even if the batteries are removed.
  • Manual Lock – At any time, you can stop your cat from leaving or entering your home with a manual lock. An in-only setting allows a cat to enter the house but not leave again.
  • 3-Year Warranty – Peace of mind comes with the microchip cat flap in the form of a 3-year warranty.

Microchip Pet Door for Large Cats & Small Dogs

The Microchip Pet Door is built with the same great features as the Microchip Cat Flap but for larger cats and small dogs. It works with existing common pet microchips and can be easily installed into doors, walls, or glass. In addition to the five features mentioned about, the Microchip Pet Door also includes the following:

  • Larger Design – This design allows more room for larger cats and small dogs to come and go from your home.
  • Curfew Mode – The door can be set to lock and unlock at specific times of the day.
  • 1 RFID Collar Tag – This collar tag can be used for entry if your large cat or small dog is not microchipped. Additional collar tags are for sale in sets of two.
SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

The World’s First App-Controlled Microchip Pet Door

Microchip Pet Door Connect is the world’s first app-controlled microchip pet door. This pet flap links with the Sure Petcare App via Hub. This intuitive microchip pet door provides more control and insight to pet owners. Microchip Pet Door Connect features include:

  • Connection With the Hub – The Hub, sold separately, links the pet door to the Sure Petcare app for quick and easy use.
  • Remote Locking – Using the Sure Petcare app, pet owners can lock or unlock their pet door anytime from anywhere.
  • Monitor Activity – The Sure Petcare app allows pet owners to know whether their pets are home, monitor day-to-day and long-term pet activity, and notice changes in behavior.
  • Notifications – Notifications are automatically sent when a pet enters or leaves your home.

Microchip Cat Flap Connect

An enhanced version of the Microchip Cat Flap, Microchip Cat Flap Connect offers a more advanced way for cat owners to control the coming and going of their pets. This cat flap links with the Sure Petcare App via Hub. This app allows owners to monitor activity and change permissions while providing all the standard benefits of the Microchip Cat Flap.

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If you want to have a microchip dog door or cat flap installed in your home, Pet Flaps UK can help! We provide an array of options through SureFlap, including standard pet flaps and the world’s first app-controlled microchip pet door. Depending on your pets and your needs, Pet Flaps UK can help you decide on the right pet door and professionally install it, with a workmanship guarantee! Contact Pet Flaps UK today for a free installation quote.

Sure Petcare Catflap

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