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SureFlap is one of the best-known manufacturers of cat flaps, pet flaps, and dog doors in the UK. SureFlap offer quality products with some models offering a wide array of notable features such as a selective exit function and app technology. Pet Flaps UK can install any model of SureFlap cat flap, pet flap, or dog door into doors, walls, or glass using the compatible required accessories.

The team at Pet Flaps UK has years of experience installing pet flaps and would love to install yours next! Contact Pet Flaps UK today for more information and a free installation quote!

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Microchip Cat Flaps

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is one of the most popular cat flaps on the market. This is available in three colours: White, Brown and White/Grey. The White/Grey is the only two-colour cat flap on the market currently and is White internally and Anthracite Grey externally making it fit well with the current colour trend in home décor.

This cat flap can be installed into doors, walls, or glass. A Microchip Cat Flap works using the information on the vet implanted microchip to give only your cat exclusive access to your home. All common microchips are compatible with this cat flap. Features include:

Smart Pet Door Solutions

Microchip Pet Door for Large Cats & Small Dogs

The Microchip Pet Door is built with the same great features as the Microchip Cat Flap but for larger cats and small dogs. It works with existing common pet microchips and can be easily installed into doors, walls, or glass. In addition to the five features mentioned about, the Microchip Pet Door also includes the following:

App controlled Microchip

SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub - A Smart App-Controlled Microchip Cat Flap

An enhanced version of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, The SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub Cat Flap offers a more advanced way for cat owners to control the coming and going of their pets. This cat flap links to your phone with the Sure Petcare App via the Hub. The app allows owners to monitor activity and change permissions while providing all the standard benefits of the Microchip Cat Flap. Functions for the Cat Connect mean that you have the ability to set individual pet permissions restrciting not just who can access and when but also which pet can exit using the Selective Exit function which is only available on a very small number of pet flaps on the market.

(Selective Exit is also featured in the Dual Scan Cat Flap if you want to prevent a cat from being able to go outside but do not want curfew/timer controls, WiFi technology or App control)

SureFlap Pet Door for Glass
Smart Pet Door Solutions

SureFlap Pet Door Connect With Hub

An enhanced version of the larger sized SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, The SureFlap Pet Door Connect with Hub offers a more advanced way for pet owners to control when their pet is able to use the pet flap via an app on their phone by linking the Sure Petcare App via the SureFlapHub. This app allows owners to monitor activity and change permissions while providing all the standard benefits of the Microchip Pet Door.

Please note that this flap does not have the selective exit function that the SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub does. If you need a larger pet flap with this function, please get in touch with us and we can help you find a suitable pet flap.

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If you want to have a microchip dog door or cat flap installed in your home, Pet Flaps UK can help! We provide an array of options through SureFlap, including standard pet flaps and the world’s first app-controlled microchip pet door. Depending on your pets and your needs, Pet Flaps UK can help you decide on the right pet door and professionally install it, with a workmanship guarantee! Contact Pet Flaps UK today for a free installation quote.

About Sure PetCare

Sure Petcare® is a leading brand dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners worldwide. Formerly SureFlap®, the company rebranded in 2017 to focus on expanding its range of connected products. Driven by trust, empathy, and authenticity, Sure Petcare® revolutionised pet access with its Microchip Cat Flap and Microchip Pet Door, allowing only authorised pets entry.

They further catered to multi-pet households with the DualScan Microchip Cat Flap. The introduction of the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder ensured proper food consumption, while the Sealed Pet Bowl maintained freshness. Joining forces with the Allflex Group enhanced Sure Petcare’s capabilities. Their flagship product, the Microchip Pet Door Connect, provides remote access control and comprehensive pet activity monitoring.


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