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We install cat flaps, pet flaps and dog doors into Windows, uPVC and Wooden doors, Patio Doors and even Brick Walls.

Our microchip cat flap, which works with all common microchips and can be fitted in any window, wall, or door, is great for preventing stray animals from entering your home.

Our infrared collar key cat flap lets you control your pet’s movements using cutting-edge infrared technology and is simple to install.

This cat flap includes a complete locking mechanism, entry only, exit only, and free movement in both directions. It also has optimal weather protection and is made of durable plastic that can sustain everyday use.

These Pet Doors are available for all door types, including glass, wood, composite, uPVC, and metal, and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

When it comes to installing cat flaps for glass, we use a very special process that ensures high-quality results every time. There are four steps involved in that process that span from the initial on-site assessment to the first time your feline walks through its new pet flap.

‘Durable, beautiful’ doors for cats and dogs, made from wood and for fitting in doors and walls. In grey or ‘white’ oil finish or natural for finishing in any colour. Various sizes from small cat to large dog.

We install dog doors too! Please ask us which Dog Doors are most suited for the type of installation you need as Dog Doors are available in sizes that suit most breeds and can be installed into most areas.

Installing cat flaps into uPVC door panels, windows, double glazing, sliding patio doors, standard glass doors and french doors are all jobs for our customers that we love to tackle. Our fitters will not be daunted!

We offer a wide range of secure, weather-proof doors including High Tech Pet Cat Flaps and Dog Doors, which feature an airtight flap, locking security panel and heavy duty aluminium frame providing the highest level of weather resistance.

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  • A wide range of cat flaps and pet doors
  • Supply and installed throughout the UK
  • Installation and manufacturer’s warranties

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