Dog Doors

We have extensive experience in supplying and installing dog doors for a wide range of properties, giving your pets the freedom to come in and out of your home when they please.


Dog Door Installation Service

Dogs benefit from being able to go outside regularly; it reduces the chances of accidents inside if they can go out freely to use the toilet. Obviously, this isn’t suitable for all dogs—especially those prone to escaping from your garden or those who love being noisy by barking at the neighbours.

However, if you have a secure garden or area that you would like your dog to be able to use, you can consider a Dog Door to make your life that little bit easier.

No longer will you have to get up to let the dog out and then back in again less than 5 minutes later when they realise that it’s raining! Dogs thrive in fresh air, relish being able to sunbathe and enjoy soaking in the atmosphere in their own outdoor space.

Dog Doors are available in sizes that suit most breeds and can be installed into most places—please ask us what Dog Doors are best suited for the type of installation that you need, and we will advise you further, so that you can choose the best Dog Door to suit your requirements.

Popular Dog Door Brands

Below are four of our most popular dog doors, this is not an exhaustive list. Please let us know your requirements and we will be able to point you in the right direction to find the right Pet Flap for you and your dog… As dogs come in different sizes, we will need to know the breed to be able to assist you in finding the right Dog Door for you and your dog.


These Dog Doors can be installed into glass doors, windows, walls and other kinds of doors.

Available in 4 sizes for dogs, they can be made for even the smallest Teacup Chihuahua or the largest of Great Danes.

SureFlap Pet Door

This Pet Door is designed for small dogs and larger cats. This is the only manufacturer to have a microchip flap that can be used by small dogs. This Pet Door has a timer function that you can programme for curfews rather than using a manual lock.

Pet Safe

These Dog Doors are available in various sizes to suit most breeds. We recommend the Pet Safe Aluminium Extreme range as these are both very resilient and weatherproof.

Closer Pets

These are great for those who have a budget in mind but still want good quality Pet Flaps and Dog Doors. Available in sizes that suit most breeds and are made in white and brown colours. 

Why aren’t more Dog Doors microchip style?

The majority of Dog Doors are push style—this is because dogs love to run towards Dog Doors, rather than saunter up to it. Microchip flaps don’t have enough chance to read the dogs microchip at speed. Therefore most of the manufacturers of Dog Doors have chosen to only make doors that are durable enough to withstand zoomies through them.

This is also why lots of Dog Doors are not suited to glass installations; however, here at Pet Flaps UK, we offer dog doors from specialist manufacturers specifically designed for glass installation.

We have more options available for large dog installations into walls and solid doors (uPVC, Wooden, Composite) than there are for glass. This is because we can provide greater stability to the area with the support from the walls/door than glass can.

Please ask us what is available for your breed of dog and we will assist you in finding a suitable Dog Door.


What do I need to Consider when getting a Pet Door Installation?

1. Location

Is it in a place that your pet knows well and logical for use? The best locations are directly into the kitchen or the area where you usually feed them or the door that you usually open for them to go outside to go to the toilet. Don’t suddenly expect them to use a Pet Flap by climbing up to a window on the first floor or using a room that they are not familiar with—they are creatures of habit!

2. Is the area free from obstructions that may affect the installation process?

Obstructions such as sockets, cables or pipework can mean that you may need to consider an alternative location, or have them relocated before installation can occur.

3. Is it going to be at a comfortable height for the pet to use?

Bear in mind that sometimes floor height inside is higher than outside. Our installers can help by making a step to the area if needed, please ask us to include this in your quote. If you are having the installation into a door, would the height of the frame bring the Pet Flap installation up too high? We can advise further if this is the situation.

4. Is the area large enough to accommodate the installation?

Specifications for each Pet Flap are available on the manufacturers websites to help you.

To find out more about our range of high quality cat flaps, or for your free, no-obligation installation quote, please get in touch.