Cat Flap Porch Installation

Install a Cat Flap in Your Porch

The porch is one of the best places for a cat flap or dog door, especially for pets that like to come and go as they please or explore their neighbourhood. At Pet Flaps UK, we have the professionals and tools to help you install the perfect cat flap for you.

The Benefits of Installing a Cat Flap in a Porch

  1. More Freedom. Cats often can’t decide if they want to be inside or out. A cat door makes this their problem. They can be wherever they like, without bothering you to open the door.
  2. Your Cat Won’t Wake You Up. Cats often don’t stop meowing or changing their minds at night. This leaves a lot of cat owners helpless and sleepless, and a cat flap solves this problem.
  3. Your Cat Will be Healthier and Happier. Cats with cat flaps often get more exercise. This lessens the chance of them getting diabetes or other weight-related issues. Cats who exercise are also happier and more content with their lives.
  4. Cat flaps allow cats to come inside and hide if there is a predator chasing them, and some of our high-tech cat flaps prevent other animals from using the cat flap.


The Installation Process

At Pet Flaps UK, our installation experts can complete the installation of dog doors or cat flaps in almost any part of your home. We’ve had years of experience in the pet flap industry, and we’ve helped hundreds of families install flaps for their pets. Before you set up a consultation with one of our experts, take a look at our process for installing cat flaps into porches:

  1. Choosing the Best Cat Flap: You can get an online recommendation from one of our experts with some simple measurements and photos. From submission, we’ll provide a list of our top recommendations for the best cat flap or dog door.
  2. Initial Site Visit & Evaluation: In our initial evaluation, we will visit your home and take final measurements so the unit will be the perfect fit. We may also take photos.
  3. Installation of Cat Flap: When your cat flap is ready, we will make an appointment to come back to your home. During installation, we will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure that you and your cat are satisfied with our work.
cat flaps for wallscat flaps for walls

Can Any Type of Cat Flap Be Used in a Porch?

Nearly any type of cat flap works very well for a porch. The cat flap you choose will depend on the type of door and measurements.

Which Cat Flap Is Best for the Porch?

The cat flap that we recommend for the porch, or any entryway from the inside to the outside, is the microchip cat flap. This flap selectively lets your pets, and only your pets into your home. The flap reads your pet’s microchip, and unlocks the flap, allowing your pet to come in.

This is a great option, as it doesn’t let strays, wild animals, or burglars have access to your home. You can also adjust it so you can let your cats in and out, but make your dogs stay inside. If you have a pet that recently had surgery and can’t go outside, that pet’s microchip information can be temporarily disabled. It is the perfect customizable pet flap!

Contact us to order your microchip cat flap or to consult about the best option for you!

Can a Cat Flap Be Installed in a Porch With uPVC Doors?

A cat flap can be installed in a porch with uPVC doors. Our specialists at Pet Flaps UK are highly trained to install pet flaps into many materials, including uPVC doors. Pet flaps in uPVC doors are a great option, as they are easy to clean and maintain. Because of the extra support from the uPVC panel, we can install these flaps into spaces as narrow as 21.5cm.


Contact Us for Installation Services

At Pet Flaps UK, we offer a variety of cat flaps and dog doors, from specialty companies such as Tomsgate and High Tech Pet, to standard pet doors like microchip cat flaps, all of which we install for you into doors, walls, and conservatories so you can sit back and relax. Contact us today!