How to Install Cat Flaps Into Glass in the UK

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At Pet Flaps UK, we offer a variety of cat flaps and dog doors from speciality companies such as Tomsgate and High Tech Pet, to standard pet doors like microchip cat flaps, all of which we install for you into a range of complex doors, walls and conservatories so you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of the hard part.

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Learn About Pet Flaps UK’s Cat Flap Installation Services

When you want to give your feline friend the independence to roam freely, nothing beats a cat door. Allowing your cat to come and go can improve its physical and mental well-being. On top of that, when you get the right cat flap installation services, it can be a safe and stylish addition to your home. Pet Flaps UK installs cat flaps into glass in the UK. We can install cat flaps into glass doors quickly and efficiently while following all of the most stringent safety procedures. Learn more about the benefits of our pet doors for glass.

The Benefits of Putting Pet Flaps in a Glass Door

When installing a pet flap, each person has their own specific needs. However, it is common for homeowners or renters to want to install their pet flaps into doors or windows, as opposed to permanent structures like walls. You can simply replace your glass, and it will be as though your pet flap was never there. On top of that, many pet owners claim that their pets find it easier to use a pet flap when they can see through the area surrounding the entry. So, this may be an especially appealing option for those just introducing their dog or cat to pet flaps.

The Four-Step Cat Flap Installation Process

When it comes to installing cat flaps for glass, we use a very special process that ensures high-quality results every time. There are four steps involved in that process that span from the initial on-site assessment to the first time your feline walks through its new pet flap. The four steps include:

  • Initial On-Site Assessment: A specialist will visit your home, inspect your glass door, and take measurements. This helps us in the manufacturing of the replacement panel of glass. At this point, we can also give you a quote.
  • Manufacturing New Glass Panel: We will make a panel of glass that perfectly fits your door’s specifications, including where the cat flap will go. Then, we temper the glass making it four to five times more durable than untempered glass. This tempering process is performed twice on double-glazed glass.
  • Replace Your Door’s Glass: We return to your home, remove your existing glass panel, and replace it with a new one. This new glass will fit your door just like new, except it will have a hole placed perfectly for your pet flap.
  • Fit the Cat Flap: With the new panel of glass placed, we can install the cat flap into the door and let your cat come and go anytime.

Why Is the Glass Replaced During Pet Door Installation?

Homeowners often wonder why we can’t simply cut a hole in their existing glass door and install the cat flap. While this would be nice, there is a good reason that that is impossible. Legally, any glass in a home must be graded as safety glass. This type of glass is toughened in a way that prevents cutting, even with the use of special tools and equipment. So, the only way to install a new pet door is to replace the glass panel with a new one. In your new panel of glass, the hole for the pet door is cut before the tempering process, allowing it to fit the specs we need while being as safe as any other glass door you may buy off the shelf.

Cat Flaps That Keep Out Other Animals

As convenient as a cat flap sounds, many people are put off by the thought that any animal could crawl through their open pet door. While that may have been true one day, that is simply not the case today with microchip cat flaps. These connect with any standard pet microchip and only open the pet flap when your cat is nearby. This technology can completely prevent stray cats or any other wild animals from entering your home.

cat flap for double glazed glass

Quotes for Installing Cat Flaps Into Glass Doors!

We offer free quotes for all services because we want to encourage everyone to explore the wonders of making the outside world accessible to their household pets. With the variety of technology and style available, we think you’ll find the idea irresistible, especially once you see how reasonably priced our services are. Don’t wait another minute. To get your cat flap installation quote, fill out a contact form or call us today!

Installing Pet Flaps for All Kinds of Glass Doors

There are many more types of glass doors than it may seem at first glance. As an owner of a glass door, you may have dealt with the confusing world of glass door services. It doesn’t matter if you have a sliding glass door or a double-glazed bi-fold door. We can help you install a pet door that works perfectly for it. Some of the doors we regularly work on include:

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Our wide range of pet door styles we can provide pet door installation make our company one of the top choices for pet door installation in the UK. Read our customer reviews to see what our customers are saying about our pet doors and cat flaps installation! If you’re interested in a free quote, call us at 0330 165 4940 or request a quote online!

Pet Doors We Recommend for Glass Doors


Tomsgate is insulated, windproof, rainproof, and extremely quiet! They don’t look like typical pet doors keeping it a safe and inconspicuous choice. These pet doors fit into glass doors with a simple installation.

Sure Flap

sureflap microchip cat flap

This pet door is designed for small dogs and larger cats. This is the only manufacturer to have a microchipped flap that can be used by small dogs. This pet door has a timer function that you can programme for curfews rather than using a manual lock. Ideal for Glass Doors.


This is the only manufacturer that makes pet flaps that are slim enough to be installed into sliding patio doors. These are also the only transparent flaps that we install and are a 4-way or push style of cat flap. Ideal for Glass Doors.