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Can you put a cat flap or dog door into glass?

When installing a pet flap, each person has their own specific needs. However, it is common for homeowners or renters to want to install their pet flaps into doors or windows, as opposed to permanent structures like walls. You can simply replace your glass, and it will be as though your pet flap was never there. On top of that, many pet owners claim that their pets find it easier to use a pet flap when they can see through the area surrounding the entry. So, installing a cat or dog flap in your glass door may be an especially appealing option if you’re just introducing your dog or cat to pet flaps.

Pet Flaps UK installs pet flaps into glass doors across the UK. We can install pet flaps into glass doors quickly and efficiently while following all of the most stringent safety procedures.

All our replacement glass conforms to BS EN12150 which ensures that it is robust enough to withstand the compromise of a hole to its integrity. All our glazing bears the relevant Kitemark warranty. Glass of lesser standards can break into lethal shards; one should be very cautious of seemingly inexpensive quotes.

Protect your home and ensure your pet’s safety with one of the UK’s premier cat and dog flap installers. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with the Pet Flaps UK team today!

Cat Flap into Double Glazing

Why Is the Glass Replaced During Pet Door Installation?

Homeowners often wonder why we can’t simply cut a hole in their existing glass door and install the cat flap. While this would be nice, there is a good reason that that is impossible. Legally, any glass in a home must be graded as safety glass. This type of glass is toughened in a way that prevents cutting, even with the use of special tools and equipment. So, the only way to install a new cat or dog flap is to replace the glass panel with a new one. In your new panel of glass, the hole for the pet door is cut before the tempering process, allowing it to fit the specs we need while being as safe as any other glass door you may buy off the shelf.

We offer free quotes

We offer free quotes for all cat and dog flap installations in glass doors because we want to encourage everyone to explore the wonders of making the outside world accessible to their household pets. With the variety of technology and styles available, we think you’ll find the idea irresistible, especially once you see how reasonably priced our services are. Don’t wait another minute. To get your cat flap installation quote, fill out a contact form or call us today. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to our customer’s satisfaction, explore why Pet Flaps UK stands out as the foremost experts in dog and cat flap installations for glass doors, uPVC doors, and beyond!

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Cat Flap in a French Door

Pet Doors We Recommend for Glass Doors

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Medium Dog Door

World Exclusive Installation Service



AI Prey Detection Cat Flap



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Pet Tek Maxi Dual Glaze Cat Flap and Dog Door for Glass Doors


Maxi Dual Glaze

How we work

When it comes to installing pet flaps in glass, we use a very special process that ensures high-quality results every time. There are four steps involved in that process that span from the initial on-site assessment to the first time your furry family member walks through their new pet flap. These steps include:


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We can provide a no-obligation free quotation after you provide us with a few simple measurements and a couple of photos. We’ll advise you of our recommendations for the best pet flap for your glass window or door. We offer both 4-way pet flaps and specialty pet flaps, and you can choose what works for your budget and needs.


Initial Site Visit & Evaluation
A site survey will be arranged following a deposit payment (or when a successful finance agreement is in place) as part of our order process. We will arrange for one of our team to visit your home and take the final measurements so the replacement glass unit will be manufactured to be the perfect fit. We may also take photos for reference.


Manufacturing New Glass Panel

We will manaufacture a new pane of glass that perfectly fits your door’s specifications, including where the pet flap will go.

During this process we temper the glass making it four to five times more durable than untempered glass. This tempering process is performed twice on double-glazed glass.


Replace Your Door’s Glass

We return to your home, remove your existing glass panel, and replace it with a new one. This new glass will fit your door just like new, except it will have a hole placed perfectly for your pet flap.


Installation of the Pet Flap

With the new panel of glass placed, we can install the pet flap to allow your pet to come and go anytime.

We will perform a full fitting and assessment to ensure it works correctly and that you and your pet are satisfied with our work.


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.

Very quick, about 2 weeks from first contact to installation. Easy way to pay online and no mess. Dogs love their new door. We have 2 frenchies and a westie so we ordered a size up so they can whizz in and out at speed!!
Faye-Michelle Pratap
Faye-Michelle Pratap
Quoted for a cat flap online. Price seamed really competitive. Everything was straight forward and almost everything could be done online. Very happy with the workmanship on installation. Will definitely use again in the future.
David Wells
David Wells
Overall very happy with Petflaps. Good experience buying the installation and cat flap, the team were very helpful over emails and good value. Jimmy the installer was efficient and friendly.
Tom Barbour
Tom Barbour
Cat flap installed through house wall. Excellent service throughout. Helpful advice and always at hand for questions. Installer (Terry) did an excellent professional job and am very pleased. Highly recommend Pet Flaps UK. Peterborough
Aron Stevens
Aron Stevens
Pet Flaps fitted my catflap and the customer service was very friendly, clear information was provided to explain the different options and it was an efficient service.
Katy Gibbins
Katy Gibbins

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