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Cat Flaps to suit your home

We install Cat Flaps and Pet Doors in the most unusual places!
Fitting a cat flap into wooden doors is a job for a skilled joiner; while fitting cat flaps into aluminium and metal skinned doors requires specialist tools. Modern high-security doors aren’t designed to have holes cut in them so fitting cat flaps into composite doors can be a challenge! Less of a problem for us is fitting cat flaps into porches, conservatories and walls.

Installing cat flaps into uPVC door panels, windows, double glazing, sliding patio doors, standard glass doors and french doors are all jobs for our customers that we love to tackle. Our fitters will not be daunted!

Choose from 2-way or 4-way access, automatic unlocking with collar tags and the very latest Smart Home Technology with automatic release and locking, programmed to your pet’s microchip. Let your pet in and keep nosey neighbours out! Give your pets the freedom they yearn for with a professional installation of your Cat Flap or Pet Door.

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cat flap installation

To find out more about our range of high quality cat flaps, or for your free, no-obligation installation quote, please get in touch.

Our recommended range of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors can be installed in windows, double-glazing, wooden doors and walls.

There are lots of different manufacturers of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors, manufactured in locations as diverse as the UK, Austria, the USA & Canada, New Zealand and Belgium & Holland.

We are willing to install any make of your preference but we have compiled a selection of six different recommended manufacturers – their product ranges should cater for all manner of tastes and budgets, from simple designs to technological marvels!

Many of the images shown on this page feature the Sureflap and Pet-Mate brands and their ranges of cat flaps and pet doors.

Big range, all fairly straightforward from very simple pet doors to collar tag and microchip operated. The basic models are a budget choice. Dog doors only manual, no tags or microchips. Pet-Mate do other products like electronic feeders.

A popular choice with a good range of cat flaps and pet doors, available in white and brown versions. Microchip controlled and the Connect version links to an App on your phone. Informative website, you can enter your pet’s microchip number to see if their cat flaps are compatible, and they have some good accessories like microchip controlled feeders.