Let Cats In. Keep Mice Out.

OnlyCat is a new magnetic cat flap designed to keep unwanted intruders – man or mouse – out, and your cat in – or out – depending on how he feels.

OnlyCat’s secure cat flap is not only a stylish home augmentation. It’s also a way to ensure you and your cat stay safe at home. You’ll receive smart notifications on your phone when your cat enters and exits your home, get short video clips of his or her transit, and you’ll be able to lock the magnetic cat flap when you want to keep your kitty indoors.

  • Smart Notifications

  • No Unwanted Gifts

  • Selective Entry/Exit

  • Detects Prey

OnlyCat Cat Flap Video App

OnlyCat Advanced AI Technology Detects Prey

Most people balk at the idea of a cat flap installation. What’s to stop mice, birds, rabbits, or rats from following in your cat’s footsteps? OnlyCat’s camera is equipped with AI vision technology that differentiates cats from unwanted critters and momentarily seals the magnetic cat flap.

OnlyCat’s industry-leading camera and technology includes:

  • 5MP Wide-angle HD Camera
  • IR Night-Vision Illumination
  • 2 kHz RFID Chip Reader

Why a Secure Cat Flap Is Essential

When you think about cat flap installation, security concerns probably come to mind right along with the excitement of knowing your cat has the freedom to come and go as they please. OnlyCat was designed with both those considerations in mind. It’s important for cat owners to know their home is secure, and it’s also equally important to keep your cat secure.

OnlyCat Microchip Recognition Tracking

OnlyCat’s magnetic cat flap isn’t your average cat flap – it’s part of your home security system! OnlyCat’s built-in microchip recognition enables your cat to come and go as they please and enables you to set day- and time-based regulations to make sure your cat stays in when he needs to, but can roam free when you decide it’s safe.

During your cat flap installation, you’ll be prompted to connect your cat’s microchip to the device. If your cat doesn’t have a microchip, you can still lock the cat flap and ensure your cat can only enter and exit on a timer.

Even if you have more than one cat, OnlyCat’s variety of options are perfect for you.


  • Set entry and exit policies remotely via the OnlyCat app
  • Add selective entry/exit permissions
  • Established time-based per-cat restrictions
  • Follow your cats’ movements in and out of the secure cat flap
  • Add up to 1,024 cats per OnlyCat. That’s a lot of cats!
OnlyCat Cat Flap

OnlyCat Smart Design

Through a WiFi connection, OnlyCat can send you quick video snippets of your cat’s movements, so you can easily check if they’re home with the touch of a button on your phone. When you get home, if you don’t see any signs of your furry friend, you can check OnlyCat’s top display to tell you if your cat is home too.

OnlyCat’s design was meant to be not just functional, but also elegant:

  • 9″ ePaper display that tells you if your cat is inside or outside
  • 5V DC supply to power the magnetic cat flap’s security function
  • RGBW ambient path illumination
  • Melodic sounder to alert you of your cat’s movements
  • Integrated draft excluder to ensure your home stays hot or cold according to the season
  • Made of pet safe materials