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Blending Convenience and Innovation

If you’re unable to microchip your cat but don’t want to manually lock and unlock a 4-way cat flap, you might feel a little lost. Outside of the 4-way cat flaps and microchip cat flaps, what other options are there?

Infrared cat flaps blend the best of both worlds; they can be installed pretty much anywhere, but still rely on a bit of technology to ensure you and your cat can enjoy the convenience of the modern age. Curious if this could be the right cat flap for you? Learn about some of the conveniences infrared cat flaps can offer.

What Is an Infrared Cat Flap?

Infrared cat flaps look similar to the common 4-way cat flap, but they come with a high-tech secret. These cat flaps come with an infrared key designed to be attached to your cat’s collar. That key matches a sensor on the cat flap, and when you attach the key to your cat’s collar, it tells the cat flap to only open for your pet.

This is the ideal solution for people who own cats that aren’t microchipped but do wear a collar, as it affords the cat the flexibility and control to come and go at will while still maintaining the security of the home. Mice and other vermin don’t wear infrared collars, so there’s no way they’re getting into the house!

Infrared Cat Flap Installation

Installing an infrared cat flap is no more challenging than any other cat flap installation process. If you’re a handy person, you’ll have no trouble following the instructions included with the cat flap. However, if you’d rather leave the work to us, we’d be happy to offer recommendations and assist in installing your infrared cat flap.

In addition to offering free, no-obligation installation quotes, we are willing to install any make of your preference, but we have compiled a selection of manufacturers whose product ranges cater to all manner of tastes and budgets.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective cat flap that combines simple flexibility with modern convenience, an infrared cat flap may be the right solution for you. With easy installation options and a collar mechanism that works instantly, cats and their people will both love this new home addition! Contact us today to schedule your installation!

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