Acrylic and Aluminium Lockable

PlexiDor Pet Doors are very well-made from high impact acrylic and aluminium. Lockable and the option of a steel security plate. From smaller cat flaps up to XL sized dog doors in Silver, White and Bronze.

Very informative website and their comprehensive brochure explains heat loss, energy saving and security. More expensive than the more widely known plastic cat flaps but excellent value for money for the security and energy conscious.

PlexiDors are from the USA.

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  • Quiet

  • Energy Efficient

  • Long Lasting

  • Safe and Secure

What is PlexiDor?

PlexiDors are manufactured from high quality materials and have been created to be quiet and energy efficient. They are supplied with a separate panel that can only be removed from the inside, making them extremely secure.

PlexiDor are very safe and easy for all pets, and are made to be long-lasting. Unlike most other traditional pet doors, PlexiDor opens sideways as opposed to on a traditional hinge above.

These pet doors are made from see through, high-impact, shatter resistant Plexiglas panels

Where can PlexiDor be installed?

PlexiDor have two different installation options. The PlexiDor range can be installed into most external doors such as uPVC, wooden, and composite doors.

The PlexiDor Wall can be installed into cavity or brick walls up to 305mm thick.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large

Perfect for both Cats and Dogs

Our recommended range of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors can be installed in windows, double-glazing, wooden doors and walls.

There are lots of different manufacturers of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors, manufactured in locations as diverse as the UK, Austria, the USA & Canada, New Zealand and Belgium & Holland.

We are willing to install any make of your preference but we have compiled a selection of six different recommended manufacturers – their product ranges should cater for all manner of tastes and budgets, from simple designs to technological marvels!

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