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Pet Flap Fire Protection

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When you cut a hole for a Pet Flap into an external fire door or an internal door, the resistance against fire is ruined. This simple and effective device restores the fire resistance in your door giving you up to 30 mins protection.

It could save your life!

Installations into Fire Doors

A Slim profile 4-Way Pet Flap is pre-installed into the pre- constructed Fire Flap unit in preparation for your installation into your Fire Door.

Featuring a metal frame and a drop down curtain which is triggered (by way of a thermal link). When the temperature reaches 70°C, which happens around 4 minutes into a fire, the curtain drops giving around 30 minutes of fire and smoke protection.

These Fire Flap units are available in various sizes — from small cats and to medium dog sizes and 3 colours —White, Brown and Grey. We can even have bespoke sizes made for larger dogs.

When fitted into a fire door if a fire were to break out, the intu- mescent curtain material would drop and expand to fill the hole and therefore, maintain the integrity of the fire door for up to 30 minutes.

These Fire Flap units are rigorously tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987) achieving 68 minutes of fire protection. EN13501-2 (2016), EN1634-1 (2015). Effectis 000741, C19 R001148, 64 minutes integrity and insulation (Source Envirograf)

Please note these Fire Flap units are not suitable for installa- tion with Aluminium framed pet flaps.

Brought to you by PetFlaps UK
in collaboration with Envirograf

Installation of the Fire Flap

The Fire Flap has a fire-resistant curtain held in the rolled-up position by a thin filament. If the temperature reaches 70 de- grees centigrade, the filament melts and the curtain will drop; the curtain is designed to provide 30 minutes of fire protection. (Do not attempt to adjust or interfere with the curtain.)


The Fire Flap is with fitted cat flap with the side with the sliding catches and label saying Top on to the outside of the door. This provides better protection from the elements to the cut made into the door, making access the sliding catches from inside the house easier.


The cat flap should not be propped open, the device can only be effective in the event of fire if the curtain is free to drop.

Pet Flaps UK’s professional installers can fit this unique and innovative life-saving device into all types of doors using a wide range of suitable sized pet flaps.

For peace of mind ask us to fit one into your fire door– it could save your life.

A wide range of sizes available from small cat sized to larger dog sizes. We can even have one be- spoke made to your requirements.

Ask us on 0330 320 1420 for more information or by email [email protected]

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Whether you’ve always loved the idea of installing a Dog Door or are just now thinking about adding that extra level of convenience for your furry friend, a 4-way dog door is the perfect blend of convenience and enrichment for you and your dog.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they can come and go as they please, and your dog will benefit from being able to go outside regularly—reducing the chances of accidents inside if they can go out freely to use the toilet.

Obviously, this isn’t suitable for all dogs—especially those prone to escaping from your garden or those who love being noisy by barking at the neighbours.