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Pet Flaps UK installs PetSafe cat flaps and pet doors throughout the United Kingdom. PetSafe is a maker of high-quality microchip cat flaps and various dog doors. They provide doors for all sizes of cats and dogs in different styles. The team at Pet Flaps UK can install any PetSafe door, allowing your pet to enter and leave the house without your assistance.


Pet Flaps UK can install any of these pet door options made by PetSafe. We guarantee our workmanship and are proud to provide quality products to dedicated pet owners. Various pet flaps are available, and installation is quick and easy. Contact Pet Flaps UK today for a free installation quote.

Smart Pet Flaps

PetSafe®SmartDoor Connected pet flap

A PetSafe® SmartDoor Connected Pet Door ensures your pet’s play and toilet breaks stay intact no matter where you are. This app enabled pet door is perfect for the whole fur-family, giving your cat or dog their own personal entrance and exit. Meanwhile, you’ll have full control over the SmartDoor with the My PetSafe® app, where you can manage schedules, get notifications and remotely control the pet door through your phone. The SmartDoor comes with a Pet Door Key that attaches to your pet’s existing collar, giving them exclusive access through the door. Multi-pet households can purchase extra Pet Door Keys. Let them outside, run around the backyard and take care of business without having to open the door for them. The Medium SmartDoor can also pair with microchips, giving cats keyless entry! Pets and animals without a key or microchip can’t enter, keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. SmartDoor offers a balance of freedom for your pets and peace of mind for you.

Pet Doors

Petporte smart flap® Microchip Cat Flap

If your cat is already microchipped, the Petporte smart flap® Microchip Cat Flap is an excellent choice for your home. This cat flap allows entry to your home only for specific microchipped cats. Using the compaitble accessories, it can be installed in a wall or door and includes features such as a beep alert when your cat enters, an optional night mode to keep your cat in at night, and the ability to be programmed for up to 25 cats. This is a mains powered cat flap, meaning that you never have to have to worry about batteries running out.

Dog Doors

PetSafe® makes two recommended types of dog doors which are suitable for installations into doors up to 5cm thick.

The PetSafe® Extreme Weather Pet Door has a durable plastic frame and an energy efficient 3-flap system which protects your home from extreme temperatures whilst giving your pet the freedom to come and go. Featuring a snap-on closing panel which also acts as added insulation layer making it great in dealing with the unpredictable UK weather! Available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

The PetSafe® Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™ will keep your home energy-efficient in any climate. The unique 3-flap system is adjustable and flexible, and has a magnetic seal to keep the weather outside where it belongs. For added protection, the centre flap is fully insulated. The metal frame has reinforced aluminium corners and is built to handle active and multi-pet households. Use the slide-in closing panel to control your pet’s access outside and keep stray animals out of your home. Choose from 3 sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large (suitable for pets weighing up to 100kg).

About Pet Safe

PetSafe® is a trusted and passionate pet-loving brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners globally. With a strong focus on trustworthiness, empathy, dedication, and authenticity, PetSafe® aims to be one of the most reputable names in the pet industry. Led by a CEO who is a devoted pet owner, the company fosters a culture of openness and honesty, actively listening to customers and continuously improving products and processes to meet their needs.

PetSafe® recognises the special bond between pets and their owners, reflected in the development of every product to strengthen and celebrate this relationship. Their unwavering commitment to creating the best moments for pets ensures their safety, health, and happiness. Distinguished by an exceptional team of scientists and pet-loving individuals, PetSafe® pioneers pet-friendly solutions through extensive research, testing, and collaboration with behaviourists and veterinary professionals. 


Our clients love our pet doors and cat flaps! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers who appreciate the quality, durability, and convenience of our products.