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What do we mean by a Unique installation?

When we say unique—what we mean is unusual or uncommon. These installations do not fall into a common category.

We can do installations in Caravans, Boats, narrow areas of glass, cat flaps that turn a corner in a wall and as low for a pet with mobility issues or as high as is safe for out installer to get to!

Installations aren’t limited to Cats and Dogs either! We’ve done installations for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Squirrels and other four- legged furry family members!

Our installers like a Challenge!

We pride ourselves on being able to find a solution to make sure you and your pets are able to have a pet flap installa- tion. Many a time we have managed an installation where previous companies have declined to assist.

The photo above shows 3 separate Tomsgates installations in dog runs for 3 different sized dogs — looks great doesn’t it?

The photo to the right shows a cat flap that has been in- stalled at a 90° angle in a wall. This almost defies all the rules! Installation wasn’t possible in the large area of glass so our installer devised a way for the cat flap to be installed in the wall. It wasn’t easy but our installer made it happen and the customer was delighted!

We adapt the installation for mobility problems or disabilities

We know that not all pets live their entire lives with 4 legs, 2 eyes or the ability to make a step up to a Pet Flap. We can work with you to help you find the best Pet Flap for the situation. Just be- cause your pet might have lost a couple of their nine lives for whatever reason, doesn’t mean that we can’t help them live their best life now does it?

We often install for pets affectionately termed ‘tripods’ because they have lost a limb—here we have made the install as low as possible so that a cat with mobility issues did not have to make a step up to the Cat Flap to use it. We installed with part UPVC/part glass even though this was not a necessity for the width so that the adaptor plate was not required and we could then have the Cat Flap installed as close to the floor as the uPVC panel would allow—genius eh?

It was not 1 or even 2 — but 3 other installations companies said that this installation wasn’t possible!. This picture shows a different story doesn’t it?

This Cat Flap has been installed using the part UPVC/part glass method so that the Cat Flap can be installed into the area without the need for an adaptor plate. With about two millimetres either side to spare, our installer did an incredible job of getting this Cat Flap installed!

As this has patterned privacy glass in the corresponding window the other side of the door, we were able to match the pattern from the manufacturing guides provided by our glazing manufactur- ers rather than using a plain replacement double –glazing panel. The owner was ecstatic that her vision of a Cat Flap in this window was fulfilled and her cat was equally chuffed!

Caravans and Metal clad doors can be a problem too…

Where there is a lot of metal in the proposed installation area, it can confuse the technology inside the Pet Flap—especially if it is a microchip or electronic style. We can combat this by using an adaptor plate which is generally advised for wall and glass instal- lations. As the adaptor plate ‘cradles’ the Cat Flap into the centre of it, the Pet Flap is effectively shielded from the expanse of metal and this stops the mechanisms inside the Pet Flap from being affected.

We used the adaptor plate on the interior of this caravan as it could be more easily disguised by the décor than if placed on the exterior of the caravan—otherwise it might have ended up looking like a strangely placed porthole! The steps up to the Cat Flap provide a staircase fit for a King to enter his Kingdom and the microchipped Cat Flap prevents any unknown wannabes from following!

Working with mouldings in doors

If you have a wooden or a uPVC door that has raised mouldings or recesses, but there is no way for us to replace the door panel—we can adapt the door to install your chosen Pet Flap. With careful measuring and filing, we are often able to install in the panel recesses so that the Pet Flap can be used without the mechanism being hindered by the mouldings or panelling.

We will never cut across a support brace, as this damages the integrity of the door making it weaker and more susceptible to forced entry. However, we will sometimes cut into non supportive uprights.

Here is an example of how we can fit a Cat Flap beautifully into a door where there is no panel that can be replaced. Careful installation ensures that the flap works freely to allow the cat to use the Cat Flap easily.

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Whether you’ve always loved the idea of installing a Dog Door or are just now thinking about adding that extra level of convenience for your furry friend, a 4-way dog door is the perfect blend of convenience and enrichment for you and your dog.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they can come and go as they please, and your dog will benefit from being able to go outside regularly—reducing the chances of accidents inside if they can go out freely to use the toilet.

Obviously, this isn’t suitable for all dogs—especially those prone to escaping from your garden or those who love being noisy by barking at the neighbours.