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ZeroMOUSE is a revolutionary invention designed to upgrade your existing microchip cat flap and bring it into today’s AI technological revolution.The small device simply attaches to the opening of your existing microchip flap and sits at the bottom of the flap. The AI technology scans the cat’s face as it approaches and will not unlock if the cat is carrying anything in its mouth.

Upgrade your Microchip Cat flap

Experience the power of AI in ZeroMOUSE™ device. With ZeroMOUSE™ prey has no chance to come into your house.

Universal Fit

ZeroMOUSE™ is easily integrated in a number of different cat flaps.

Best Price

Unbeatable value for realistic price, powered by AI technology.

Hunting analysis

ZeroMOUSE™ app provides detailed tracking of all blocked entries attempts.

How it works

Functionality based on AI analysis of more than half a million images of cats with different types of prey, from mice to birds and insects. Our database got it all covered.


Not Just for Small Cats!

Unlike the other prey detection cat flaps that are being developed this will work with larger microchip cat flaps. This means that even the larger ‘house tigers’ are now covered by this technology and prey detection is not restricted to ‘average’ sized cats!

ZeroMOUSE has been tested against the worlds’ leading microchip flaps to ensure that they work in order to
prevent your cat from bringing in those unwanted ‘gifts’.

As no major new installation is required, it means that the price point is more budget friendly than a whole new prey detection cat flap installation. The device is configured to work with your current microchip pet flap and when the cat approaches with something in its mouth the device prevents the cat flap from unlocking. So even if your cat doesn’t bring in gifts of the furred variety but has the tendency to bring in other kinds of gifts, the device recognises this and stops the cat from entering!

Prey Animals
recognised so far:

ZeroMOUSE™, equipped to detect a variety of prey, ensures comprehensive protection for your space. 













Cats love to bring prey in front their owners to show off, but that can be a health issue, stop it with ZeroMOUSE™.


Height 15.5mm

Width 58.0mm

Depth 78.3mm

Weight 83g

ZeroMouse in The House

Easy Installation

Artificial intelligence

Prey detection

Seamless integration

Neght vision

Access control

Photo sharing

Compatible Cat

ZeroMOUSE™ is compatible with almost all microchip cat flaps that are available on the market. Upgrade your cat flap with ZeroMOUSE™ and enjoy your rooms without unwanted gifts.


SureFlap microchip cat flap connect and SureFlap Dualscan cat flap

Sureflap pet flap (connect)

CloserPets (formerly PetMate) Microchip Cat flap

PetSafe microchip cat flap with adapter frame


As a small and practical, yet sturdy and powerful device, ZeroMOUSE™ possesses a great amount of power and functionality in its case.


Height 15.5mm

Width 58.0mm

Depth 78.3mm

Weight 83g

RFID Cat Flap

IR Wavelength 960nm

Field of view
85 °

USB-C Port (Female)

Weather Resistant & Splash Proof

Power Supply (2A)